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Benefits of Sealants for Kids

benefits of sealants for kids
Posted on: April 12th, 2023 by | No Comments

One of the best advances in dental care for kids today is the availability of dental sealants. Dental sealants can protect kids’ permanent molars from tooth decay. This simple procedure can help protect the teeth most prone to tooth decay. Plus, it’s quick and affordable, especially when compared to the ordeal of fillings.

About Dental Sealants

Approximately 90 percent of cavities occur in back molars, and one application of dental sealants can prevent most cavities for several years. This can be a huge advantage for families, saving a lot of money and keeping your children out of the dentist’s chair for fillings.

The sealant is a safe synthetic compound that your dentist can tell you more about. Sealants must be applied to clean teeth with no decay. Regular care and cleanings will still be required, but the sealants help keep decay in check.

Sealants Protect Molars

Having sealants applied to children’s teeth is a no-brainer for parents. Protecting your kids’ back teeth is something you will never regret because it can keep those difficult-to-brush molars healthy and cavity-free for several years. This can help children get through the years when their brushing and flossing skills are still a work in progress, preventing cavities at a critical time.

Preserving those back molars can mean a lifetime of better health for your children’s teeth.

Sealants are very effective at preventing cavities, especially on back molars, where most cavities occur. They have been shown to protect against 80 percent of cavities for two years and 50 percent of cavities for up to four years. This can help your child avoid the pain and suffering of more aggressive dental work—both when they are young and later in life.

Other Advantages of Sealants for Kids’ Teeth

Having sealants applied to your child’s permanent back molars presents other advantages—they save time, money, and toothaches. The quick, painless process of applying dental sealant involves your dentist painting sealant on the back molars. In addition, the cost of sealants is much cheaper than the cost of filling even one cavity. Finally, sealants take just a few minutes to apply—again, much less of a hassle than getting a filling in a tooth.

Protecting permanent teeth against tooth decay has several benefits for children and their parents. The main benefit is that it helps prevent cavities on back teeth for several years per application. Learn more about dental sealants from Uptown Dental. Make an appointment today!