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For most people, the days of metal braces are over! For the past two decades, clear aligners have been used to straighten teeth instead of unsightly, painful metal braces. Dr. Lenz and Dr. Mueller can fit you with a customized series of removable aligners to move your teeth a little at a time.

Uptown Dental uses the SureSmile® clear aligner system to correct most cases of misaligned or crooked teeth. By taking a digital scan of your teeth, the aligners can be precisely made to move your teeth very gradually. The best part is that they transform your smile minimal discomfort and no visible signs of braces!

Perks of clear aligners for straightening teeth include:

  • Digital scanning for accurate aligners
  • Clear, tough dental plastic that no one can see
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to remove for eating, drinking and oral care

Contact your dentist at Uptown Dental to learn more about clear teeth aligners for straightening and aligning your smile so it can be its very best!