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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

General dentistry services from Uptown Dental in Marion include a number of preventive services. In addition to an oral examination and preventive tooth cleaning, dental x-rays provide valuable insight into the health of your teeth. At Uptown Dental, we look at x-rays of your teeth as an important preventive and diagnostic tool, often performed once each year or once every other year, depending on insurance coverage. The technology for dental x-rays has come a long way, making it easier and safer than ever to get great pictures of your tooth structure and your jaw.

Following your tooth cleaning, our staff will set you up at our 3D digital x-ray machine. With a digital x-ray machine, the pictures of your tooth and jawbone will show up immediately on a computer screen for Dr. Lenz or Dr. Mueller to review. Dental x-rays create high resolution images to help diagnose tooth development issues, look at tooth roots and search for hidden tooth decay.
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Why We Take Dental X-rays

X-rays enhance your dental care in several ways:

  • They can reveal cavities or abnormalities that aren't visible to your dentist during his standard oral examination. Cavities can develop between and inside teeth.
  • They can discover signs of periodontal and other oral health diseases in the early stages when they are easier to treat.
  • X-rays help your dentist track tooth and jaw development and identify any issues with alignment in growing children and young adults.
  • They expose any issues with previous restorations and determine if additional treatment is needed.

Whether you are young or approaching your golden years, dental x-rays are taken at every new patient's first visit to Uptown Dental. If insurance permits it, we take x-rays each year during one of your regular checkups. X-rays are covered by many insurance carriers on an annual basis; others may cover x-rays every other year and when symptoms and an exam indicate that an x-ray is necessary.

Preventive Dental Care

Dr. Lenz and Dr. Mueller provide preventive dental care to minimize pain, costs and invasive treatments. X-rays are an important part of that care. Dental cleaning, oral cancer screening and gum disease evaluations make up the other components of professional dental care. Contact Uptown Dental to schedule your general dental exam. New patients welcome!