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Baby Teething 101

baby teething
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The process of teething can be a challenging one for parents, as it takes place over the course of a baby’s growth starting at about 6 months old. Teething symptoms can begin earlier, because the teeth are growing and emerging gradually. Some babies get their first tooth by 4 months, while others don’t get a tooth until after they turn 1 year old. Teeth continue to come in while your baby develops into a toddler, so parents who know the symptoms of and remedies for teething will be a step ahead for the first three years of their child’s dental development.

Teething Symptoms

When a baby is teething, they become fussy or cranky due to the pain of teeth coming in. Their gums may be sore, inflamed, and tender. As a result, they may cry, pull on their ears, rub their cheeks, and even refuse to eat. The extra saliva produced in response to the emergence of a tooth can cause them to drool excessively or even cough. A baby that is teething may be slightly warm, but they should not develop a fever.

Teething Remedies

The first teeth to come in are usually the bottom two front teeth followed by the top pair. The growth pattern typically continues from the center outward. Some simple remedies can ease a baby’s teething discomfort. Try the following tips and teething remedies to help your baby get through teething:

  • Running a cold, wet cloth across your baby’s gums once or twice a day. Rubbing their gums with a clean finger can also help soothe fussy babies.
  • Keeping baby dry and rash-free by cleaning up drool.
  • Refrigerating (not freezing) teething toys. The cool, bumpy teething toys give baby something to bite on while helping the teeth push through.
  • Feeding baby cold foods, such as yogurt and applesauce, and water.

Topical teething remedies are not recommended for babies. Oral pain medications like Tylenol and Advil are acceptable. Administer these to your baby according to directions.

Baby’s First Dental Visit

When your baby’s first tooth comes in or when they turn 12 months old, you should make a dentist appointment for them at Uptown Dental. Your baby’s first dental visit will help you manage teething and educate you on how to care for your baby’s teeth and oral health. We’ll show you how to brush their first teeth and talk to you about thumb sucking and other oral habits.

Uptown Dental also provides a guide to kids’ oral health as well as 10 Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy. We encourage parents to be proactive in helping their children establish good oral health habits, such as regular dental visits and brushing and flossing.